Get a profitable business or retire in the rural area, if you buy all the property in one of the most beautiful places of Costa Rica.

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Last time selling incredible land in Venice of San Carlos, Costa Rica. Complete paradise, close to nature, to hot spring waters, a rural folkloric town and all public services. It is 4.2 acres, and a price lower than $16 per square meter, in discount, close to impressive Arenal Volcano, hot spring waters, many waterfalls and other eco touristic places, or attractions, to develop in here. Sign Up to get more information by email or get the Call No Obligation by Ivan, who is the point of contact real estate agent with the owner of the property.

The general description of the Property is this:

Selling incredible land in the Venice of San Carlos, Costa Rica.

  1. The land plot measures 17,000 m2 (seventeen thousand square meters) and that is around 4.2 Acres.
  2. It is a large lot that has a natural water entrance, as main additional attraction and all public services are available for construction.
  3. It is close to the center of the village known as Venice. It has a public street.

It can be used to install:

  • chicken coops
  • build a business of tilapias (fresh water fishes)
  • horse stables,
  • sowing
  • hydroponics
  • including to urbanize
  • set up shops
  • churches
  • Build businesses
  • adjoining the water National Park Juan Castro Blanco …

The price used to be close to 159,000,000 colones or $274,000. But not anymore. ASK THE REAL PRICE HERE AFTER ENTERING YOUR EMAIL.
So the price IS LOWER THAN  just $16 square meter, we are beating that price.


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NORMAL PRICE TO THE PUBLIC WAS 239 million colones.
Selling it by  Ivan, phone number is (506) 85010172
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As part of an alliance I made with the owner of the property, we have agreed that I would be the point of contact with the person interested in this offer and that I would follow up on everything. This is because I am a bilingual professional. At any moment, we will even be, evacuating any doubt you have or take you to know the property under certain conditions.
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Located in a quiet, safe, private and cool place to live, near the center of the community It has a creek in the background with trees. LAND SOLD BY  REAL ESTATE BROKER CERTIFIED FROM CCCBR and the property can be immediately available to transfer to new buyers in a clear crystal way.
Another video here:

Remember that the land is in a very cool and quiet area with beautiful scenery. In the middle of the property runs a crystal clear river creek that can be used for some breeding or irrigation project.

For any doubt write us, CALL US HERE +506-85010172

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We will keep in touch in the next few days, with more information, videos, photos, activities, events, until the property is sold, or until you retire from this list.
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MAP of Venecia San Carlos.

Venecia google map

Best Regards,
Ivan Madrigal and partners