We have a property that is a lot in El Carmen de Guadalupe. This is a
beautiful lot we want to sell it before the house we have in Guadalupe, by
Novacentro. We have the following photo gallery: http://ivan.eca.sh/lote
and the description is as follows:
The largest lot is sold in residential Villa Verde within the Carmen de Mata
de Platano, an area also previously called Markwood residential.
It has the possibility to segregate into lots of 11.57, 9.93 and 12.47
meters if taken from the front. The front of the land is 34 meters wide and
has a bottom or variable length of more than 50 meters.
It is located in an area between the rivers and streams of Mata de Platano.
Corresponds to land with a slope greater than 25%.

It is demarcated in the zoning plan within the Regulatory plan known as
Its purpose in this sub-area is to discourage dense urban use and thus
protect the inhabitant from sliding risk conditions and the rest of the city
from flood and pollution risks.

In addition, its purpose is to serve as lung relief by maintaining open and
vegetated spaces.

Permitted uses are>***nurseries, sports facilities, agriculture
(agrochemicals are prohibited). There are conditional uses. For the investor
can be built under the approval of the respective government entities
(Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment, ICT)>
1- Tourist facilities
2- Taverns, restaurants and bars
3- Recreational facilities that resembles like a club.
4- Residential condominiums subject to environmental impact studies.
5- Apartment buildings, subject to environmental impact studies.
6- Systems for wastewater treatment.

Prohibitions> all the uses listed in article 7.1 except the permitted and
conditional ones of the Regulatory Plan of the Municipality of Goicoechea.

At this time we put on sale at the price suggested by architects and
inhabitants next to the place, who know how to value the square meter of the
lot in at least $ 90. However, there are indications that the land is worth
more than that, in the order of $ 150. However, we listen to offers.
We are currently consulting all the banks in Costa Rica to find out if they
provide us with a loan to build apartments or condominiums.
We are also looking for architects, lawyers and designers to start
transforming the plans we have of apartments to build in our lot for more
than 20 years.
According to the Use of Land regulation, you can only build up to 200 SqMts
or 10% of the property, and the building or house will be as tall as a 3

This same ad will appear in various free classified places worldwide in the
world’s largest cities. If you are interested, please call the ing cell.
Ivan Madrigal, in charge of the projects, who sells on behalf of his family.

We are interested in knowing your opinion and your offer.

You can only answer calls after 4 pm. weekday and weekends at any time.

There will be the help of several real estate brokers in Costa Rica to offer
their sale, but it is for a limited time. Without prior notice we could be
withdrawing the offer of sale of this lot in Carmen de Guadalupe. We
appreciate your interest and time for understanding our intentions.

I’m contacting you to get a quote on a storage container. Hoping that you
contact me by email or over the phone. Thank you for all.