Thank you for giving us the opportunity to continue showing more information about the properties for sale with deep discount for the last time:

A big property to develop in the Venice of San Carlos (Venecia de San Carlos).

Costa Rican family sells in the Venice of San Carlos

  1. The owner lives in Heredia.
  2. Property with no constructions on it measuring 17,000 m2, or 4.2 acres.
  3. Land with natural water entrance
  4. All utilities available
  5. Near center of Venecia, the town
  6. Street publicly accessed.
  7. It can be used for building chicken coops, fresh tilapias in aquaponics, dairies, horse stables, to plant herbs or vegetables, to urbanize
  8. It borders the water park Juan Castro Blanco
  9. Discounted price
  10. Sold by ??Ivan, phone number is: +506 85010172
  11. I recommend that you check the potential of the property well. This is located in sector of the north zone with many opportunities in San Carlos of Costa Rica.

Due to its extensive plains, high precipitation and fertile soil, San Carlos is one of the most productive economic zones in Costa Rica. In its vast territory, all kinds of agricultural activities are carried out: livestock raising, fattening, milk production and derivatives; Is cultivated sugar cane, pineapple (by 2015, Costa Rica is the main world exporter of this crop), citrus, tubers, basic grains and many others. The presence in the district of La Fortuna of Arenal Volcano, an active stratovolcano with almost perfect cone that rises solitary to 1,670 msnm on terrain by other level, makes it one of the four tourist destinations more visited of Costa Rica by national and foreigners. Lake Arenal, an artificial reservoir located at the foot of the volcano, between San Carlos and Tilarán, is the country’s main source of hydroelectric power.

For these reasons, San Carlos is known as the “generous and progressive” canton of Costa Rica.


We have seen how media shows Costa Rica as the One of the World’s Top Retirement Destination. The conclusion is that there is no Retirement Crisis. In Fact, North American Retirees Say They Now Live Better Than Ever, here in Costa Rica.

Though Costa Rica is a small country, like the size of West Virginia in USA, there is actually a tremendous variety of landscapes, lifestyles, and micro climates in each of its lovely regions. Whether you want to live in a bustling costarican market town, in a typical rural village, on your own off the grid, self sustainable farm, in the jungle, on the beach, in a cliff-side ocean-view condo, or on top of a mountain with 100-mile views—you can find your dream location in Costa Rica.


Real estate brokerage can be defined as the intermediation in the real estate negotiation, understood as the intermediation between offer and demand, be it between buyer and seller or real estate management, or disposal of real
estate, by ways and means tending to implement a deal respecting not only the real estate law but also the rights of the parties involved.

The service of real estate brokerage starts when a person gives a broker the right to find a buyer, seller, tenant or landlord or when a client give the right to a broker to find a property against a fee which can be a fixed amount or a percentage on the value of the transaction or the first month of rent.

In short, real estate brokerage is a process that leads to the transfer of a real estate right, in other words, the transfer of a property. It so becomes a matter of public interest and hence requires a crystal clear procedure that respects the rights of all parties involved. It must be exclusively exercised by market experts who can guarantee the fairness, legality and transparency of the process and who do preferably belong to a recognized and organized professional association of Realtors


The Realtor is a facilitator of real estate transactions His primary function is to
advise and provide accurate information on properties that are for sale or lease. As
such, it has a dual commitment of loyalty:
1.- To the “Client Owner”, and
2.- To the “Client Buyer”,

The Realtor is in the middle of both, he intermediates between two positions and objectivity is needed to ensure the interests of all. He must always give priority to the interests of who contracted him. He should not take sides nor should he let his own particular interest prevail.

Since brokerage is a process that leads to the transfer of a property right, the broker is required to guarantee the greatest fairness and transparency to the negotiation which he has in charge, ensuring fairness to the parties involved.
The broker must know and comply with all the laws and regulations of the country, he must be aware of trends in national and international markets, verify all the documents of the property with the Land Register, he must know his client,
notify of any apparent defect, maintain confidentiality, and act with complete transparency.

Here at Costarican Gurus, we are a small group of independent professionals, but well trained with technical certificates and degrees, totally connected with the Costa Rican Real Estate and specialties.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to continue showing more information about the properties for sale with deep discount for the last time


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Ivan Madrigal #exitosoivan #ticomagnate a costarican, meaning that I live in Costa Rica. Graduated as an industrial engineer and later worked for my father businesses before having the great opportunity to have a small internship in England, at the company Vinten Broadcast that manufactures equipment for the broadcasting industry. After that I decided to learn another language and tried French. However the unstable labor market here forced me to try other career paths like sales and marketing, which I now self-study or implement. Also developed more experience in Customer Service at several Call centers like at IBM Business Transformation, working as Payroll manager for a company that downsized me, named Dana Corporation... later at Fujitsu, where its big account BellSouth, moved to other country.. and finally Hewlett Packard within their biggest account: Pfizer. Because I didn't want to miss my experience at UK dealing with broadcasting, I studied this career at INA which graduates high level technicians for Central America. Nevertheless, I am trying to make multinational companies recognize my degrees, and get in a position were I can be more productive and creative. But the truth, the best way to show my potential is by owning my business and create presence by networking with people. That´s why I am here, because I need to move on, leave my country for many years, and challenge my skills using new languages that I can learn gradually. There seems to be many obstacles for me to achieve this, but I will deal with this using time management and other tools. I wonder, when will be the time when I recover completly from my motorcycle accident and win the trial, before walking normally with a cane and finally dance... dance with the wolves. The wolves that are in MySpace and Facebook, for example, where I am profiled.