Costa Rica, the World’s #1 Retirement Destination in 2018, has a lot going for it, no question…

  • There’s bargain real estate. Even desirable walk-to-the-beach home or mountain-view homes can be had for under $100,000. Rents start at $400—and that’s fully furnished, by the way. Sacrifice a view outside your back porch and you can buy for $60,000.

  • A long record of safety and stability. Costa Rica has had no army since 1948, and a strong democratic government since then.

  • The healthcare is cheap. In the government-run medical system, couples pay between $100 and $200 per month (the exact amount depends on income) and receive free care after that: prescriptions, doctor visits, diagnostic testing, surgery—the works. And costs in the private system are 1/3 or less than what you’d pay in the U.S.

  • Slightly smaller than West Virginia, this tiny country hosts a huge variety of climates and landscapes: palm-tree lined deserted beaches, steamy rain forests, high mountain forests, hillside farms, and more. There’s something for everybody.

  • A community for every lifestyle—from bustling market towns to isolated beachside outposts to big city suburbs to quiet farming villages—and everything in between. You can find an escape here that suits you perfectly.

  • Natural beauty that won’t ever disappear. Development in Costa Rica is sustainable thanks to a commitment to conservation made by the government and private landowners. A full quarter of this nation’s land is set aside as national park or private reserve.

A Costa Rica Snapshot

  • The army was abolished by constitutional amendment in 1948, with the money going to education and healthcare instead. And the country has been a peaceful and stable democracy ever since.

  • Officially citizens of Costa Rica are costarricenses. But most just call themselves tico, for a man, or tica, for a woman.

  • Costa Rica is a small country, about the size of West Virginia, but it has an amazing 5% of the world’s animal species—more than 500,000 in all. That makes it one of the most biodiverse places on the planet.

  • Costa Rica generates more than 99% of its energy through renewable sources like wind, geothermal, and hydroelectric.

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Ivan Madrigal #exitosoivan #ticomagnate a costarican, meaning that I live in Costa Rica. Graduated as an industrial engineer and later worked for my father businesses before having the great opportunity to have a small internship in England, at the company Vinten Broadcast that manufactures equipment for the broadcasting industry. After that I decided to learn another language and tried French. However the unstable labor market here forced me to try other career paths like sales and marketing, which I now self-study or implement. Also developed more experience in Customer Service at several Call centers like at IBM Business Transformation, working as Payroll manager for a company that downsized me, named Dana Corporation... later at Fujitsu, where its big account BellSouth, moved to other country.. and finally Hewlett Packard within their biggest account: Pfizer. Because I didn't want to miss my experience at UK dealing with broadcasting, I studied this career at INA which graduates high level technicians for Central America. Nevertheless, I am trying to make multinational companies recognize my degrees, and get in a position were I can be more productive and creative. But the truth, the best way to show my potential is by owning my business and create presence by networking with people. That´s why I am here, because I need to move on, leave my country for many years, and challenge my skills using new languages that I can learn gradually. There seems to be many obstacles for me to achieve this, but I will deal with this using time management and other tools. I wonder, when will be the time when I recover completly from my motorcycle accident and win the trial, before walking normally with a cane and finally dance... dance with the wolves. The wolves that are in MySpace and Facebook, for example, where I am profiled.