Estás invitada o invitado a usar la casa de playa en Jaco con 3 cuartos. Invita a gente de confianza para llegar estas vacaciones. Gastos compartidos entre todos.


Casa privada playa Jaco??

?3 habitaciones
? A/C
?1 Baño adentro de la casa y el segundo afuera por la piscina
?WiFi 50 Megas
?TV con Cable y Netflix
?Full Equipada y Amueblada
?300 Mts de la playa
?Parqueo dentro de las instalaciones (capacidad para 3 vehículos) ???
?Área verde
?Aceptamos Mascotas?
?Área de BBQ
?A 2 cuadras de la casa se encuentra KFC Y PIZZA HUT, supermercados, Farmacias, Tiendas, Casinos Etc

Capacidad Máxima: 15 a 18 personas..vamos.. Reserve campito y yo pago una parte y depende de la gente confirmada. Entre mas gente va, mas me cobran.?

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Ivan Madrigal #exitosoivan #ticomagnate a costarican, meaning that I live in Costa Rica. Graduated as an industrial engineer and later worked for my father businesses before having the great opportunity to have a small internship in England, at the company Vinten Broadcast that manufactures equipment for the broadcasting industry. After that I decided to learn another language and tried French. However the unstable labor market here forced me to try other career paths like sales and marketing, which I now self-study or implement. Also developed more experience in Customer Service at several Call centers like at IBM Business Transformation, working as Payroll manager for a company that downsized me, named Dana Corporation... later at Fujitsu, where its big account BellSouth, moved to other country.. and finally Hewlett Packard within their biggest account: Pfizer. Because I didn't want to miss my experience at UK dealing with broadcasting, I studied this career at INA which graduates high level technicians for Central America. Nevertheless, I am trying to make multinational companies recognize my degrees, and get in a position were I can be more productive and creative. But the truth, the best way to show my potential is by owning my business and create presence by networking with people. That´s why I am here, because I need to move on, leave my country for many years, and challenge my skills using new languages that I can learn gradually. There seems to be many obstacles for me to achieve this, but I will deal with this using time management and other tools. I wonder, when will be the time when I recover completly from my motorcycle accident and win the trial, before walking normally with a cane and finally dance... dance with the wolves. The wolves that are in MySpace and Facebook, for example, where I am profiled.