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Right now, when the country… no, the world badly needs to stay on top of their health game…

It’s in every person’s best interests to have in their possession some of mother nature’s best, non-pharmaceutical remedies for the most common (and uncommon) diseases and ailments.

When you know which natural remedies you should have at your home and garden…

You can be confident in your power to take control of your family’s health and safety.

What the world has started to realize during this whole situation is that prevention is infinitely better than finding a cure.

You won’t want to get caught STILL scrambling for a remedy when the unthinkable happens.

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In this revelatory Local Antiviral store, you’ll discover:

  • The ebooks with secrets for combining immune-boosting and antiviral herbs — for holistic treatment and protection
  • Products with powerful herbal formulas — and how to apply them safely and effectively
  • The ways classical Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine have been used to treat viral conditions for hundreds of years — including clinical insights on major viral families and how best to treat common viral conditions such as Epstein-Barr and herpes
  • Some Products and ebooks that shows Tried-and-true sources for powerful antiviral herbs — from your own garden to the local grocery store and beyond
  • Finally How to begin practicing clinical-level self-care during this pandemic (and the next one)

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