Recently, organic farming has been a growing industry in the whole globe. And with the onset of sustainable agriculture along with its message of making agricultural lands much more productive and sustained, so is the issue of organic farming has been given much attention. Basically, organic farming can be considered a stem of sustainable agriculture wherein the farmer uses organic materials and biologically natural methods in farming. Although it may come as a traditional method for some, it has been proven to be effective and also much more valuable than artificially enhanced crops and products. Furthermore, with the growing need for sustainable agriculture, more and more people see the value of organic farming in their lives.


Organic Farming vs. Conventional Methods


The practice of organic farming is definitely much better and more humane for the environment. Mainly because organic farming does not use any pesticides, insecticides and even synthetic fertilizers, you are sure that the products coming produced by it are 100 percent natural, organic and safe. It may come as a surprise for most people but actually the conventional way of farming does make use of these pesticides and artificial materials to kill any negative substances that may hinder the full growth of their crops. This in turn can make the soil become less productive over the years since it has always been contaminated with chemicals.


However, with organic farming, farmers make sure that their land receives the adequate nutritional supplement and also the natural way of tending to it. Clearly, it is true that organic farming is much safer for the environment and of course, to people, since the materials and ingredients being used are purely natural and organic.


Organic Foods And Conventional Products: On Safety


The issue then may rise with the competition between organic food and conventional products. It is true that organic food may cost a bit more than conventional products however there is no evidence to suggest that organic food does taste better than conventional ones. It has only been proven that organic food is much safer to the body, and not necessarily better tasting than the rest of the products.


Moreover, its safeness for the body is also complemented with its nutritional value. Since organic food is made from all natural methods and farming, it is thus apparent that it is much more nutritious. The products are proven much fresher and known to have undergone only minor processes; thus, you can be assured that indeed, organic food is safe and nutritious to eat.


Sustainability of Organic Farming


However the question still remains of how sustainable the method of organic farming will be. Since organic farming requires more effort and a lot more time to be able to yield raw materials, it is then true that it yields lesser products than conventional methods.

On the other hand, since the conventional methods make use of pesticides and other chemicals which hasten the process of growth in the plants; naturally, it would result to a much higher yield in the future. However, with the natural means of organic farming, it only entails the farmer to go on the natural process of farming which is probably the reason why organic foods are a lot more expensive than conventional crops and products.

In the end, the true challenge remains whether the practice of organic farming and sustainable agriculture can be depended on especially in the issue of food shortage all over the globe. Perhaps, further research must still be implemented to finally conclude if organic farming can be a viable source of food in the future.

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