Have you ever researched about the natural hot spring waters in Costa Rica? These hot spring waters based in Costa Rica, area in many areas close to volcanic regions. So that is why they maybe be surrounded by tropical rain forest providing and additional dose of mineral and pristine springs. In the recent years, more and more private held companies are buy properties around this hot spring waters in Costa Rica. That is why is not easy to find popular place to get in, to be cheap or totally free to enjoy the hot spring waters.

Imagine if you could own a piece of land in the tropics close to the hot spring waters, just before it is too late, due the increasing prices. For sure it is a privilege to be a land owner like that. You can discover a few spots like that in Costa Rica to have a small or big property next to the hot spring waters. And how do I know? well just because I have been studying this field for a year on that closely guarded secret for success on the millionaires that live in Costa Rica. So keep reading and you might be our next partner, and who knows? you can help people in the process, to get better deals on, medical tourism that wants to experience the best healing mineral hot spring waters in the country of Costa Rica.

Most of the well known hot springs waters in the land of Costa Rica are surrounded by hotel and spa facilities that were established many years ago. These facilities provide additional hot tub ponds that are artificial and properly placed to store additional amounts of streaming flow of hot and refreshing water that were deviated from the original source. The ponds on this establishments store that stream of healthy mineral and energy fresh hot waters from a volcano underground heat source that would cover the body of all the visitors that search for the best relaxation time and healthy therapy.

More and more people are searching for the hot springs therapies that are a quite popular destination in their Costa Rican vacations and travel activities here in the tropical latitudes. Most of the hot spring water locations in Costa Rica are truly great nature wonders. There are some popular main tourist destinations that are very attractive due to the hotel facilities that are very developed, and it is located in the Arenal volcano area, which has a bit of surrounding rain forest scenery that decorates the impressive massive and perfect Arenal volcano that emerges from between the background and the lake next to it.

To explain origins and manifestation of the hot spring waters, we can say that they occur outside the volcanic areas, due to the underground heating from the deep water strings and the hot rocks heated by the internal magma of the volcanoes. When it comes out would be combined with the cold springs of the rain forest. Fortunately, despite the hot spring in those area, there are quote some that has suitable temperatures to exploit for tourist attractions to serve as natural healthy treatments and therapies. Basically, we can say they are a true extraordinary gift from nature because of its internal energy and minerals that emerges from the entrails of the planet.

For those who understand the big benefits of creating profitable hot spring facilities, now for the fact the real estate premise which is based on strategic location. The most closely guarded secret to find these hot spots for SPA facilities like those specialized in hot spring treatments are basically located in the area of Venecia San Carlos in Costa Rica.

To tell you the truth, in Venecia, that folkloric Costarican town, you can find a few hot spring water locations that are very accessible for the population and nothing fancy, compared to those in La Fortuna, which is located up to 2.5 hours away by car. The price of the square meter of land in Fortuna is about $200 or more, while in Venecia it is less than $50, and most locals doesn’t care selling it for less even if it is close to the hot spring waters in Venecia.

Imagine building a health center facility in a big property in Venecia, San Carlos, close to the hot spring waters that best rated in all Costa Rica. It is possible to find the best prices for land, specially if the property is a big one. If you visit this part of the country, will notice that Venecia is half way in route to La Fortuna, and the roads getting into it are in very good conditions. There are many interesting attractions along the way from downtown San Jose. Those attractions are The Peace Waterfalls, the Fraijanes park and other coffee plantations open to public.

When the opportunity knock your door, like right, now, there is time to waste and take advantage of this once in a lifetime chance, to be on the top of the best real estate investment from all over Costa Rica. It is better to react now, than leave it later when all that land would be more expensive.

Remember that is better to live and retire in Costa Rica in a rural area, that has nice traditions, low crime rate, has warm neighbors, is peaceful, and quite, and that is going through mayor tourist development slowly, and still gives you access to the hot spring waters.

Don’t forget that hot spring waters are capable of giving you natural treatment to your skin and the whole body. Plus provide a good condition and invigoration to our whole being. All thanks to the healing properties, that can be suitable for an improved digestive system and treat any gastric issues. You can study more about the health benefits of these waters, anywhere on the Internet.

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