There will be a learning curve when you arrive in Costa Rica. This is a country with its own unique culture, customs, and ways of doing things. But in many ways it’s a lot like home, and your transition to life in your new home will likely be easier than you might think.

This is a modern country with many comforts and amenities you’ll recognize. Grocery stores offer many imported items—if you miss your Ben and Jerry’s ice cream or bagels—you’re covered. Your favorite brand-name cosmetics, clothing, and electronics are here too.

You can get high-speed internet and cable or satellite TV (cheaper than in the U.S., by the way) anywhere in the country—even in the middle of the jungle. Many shows and channels are in English and you can add on premium channels like HBO and packages for the sports like NFL football or NBA basketball.

A widespread cell phone network—with 3G, and now 4G and LTE—means you can bring your smartphone to Costa Rica. More basic phones start at $30 for a handset, with $20 worth of minutes getting you through the month and then some.

Keeping in touch with loved ones back home is easy too. Online tools like Skype allow for free video conferencing. And with services like MagicJack you can have a U.S. phone number in Costa Rica—and your regular home phone will ring just like it would back home.

Of course, with two international airports—one in San José and the other near the northwest Pacific coast in Liberia, getting to and from North America is no problem at all. Miami is just two-and-half hours away. And Houston, another major hub, is just under four hours.

As you can see, just because you are moving to a new country doesn’t mean you have to leave all the comforts behind. In Costa Rica, you can stay very connected with those who matter to you. And whenever you want to go for a visit—or have someone visit you—it’s not as if you’re halfway around the world.


It is a violation of the right of another broker to of fer services to a client that has been introduced by him . of a broker introduced by the broker representing him it is the client’s duty to inform the latter ( who is representing him ) in order to reach an agreement on the repartition of the commission To give business cards to the client of an other broker to exchange telephone numbers with him without the other broker’s consent . When by his actions or coments a broker, that he be or not part of the negotiation, hinders the efforts of another broker to sell for the client who was introduced to him by his colleague.


May only exercise as a real estate broker he who has a work permit or residence card . This to guarantee the broker’s legal responsibilities.

The immigration law punishes anyone who , temporarily or permanently, hires, associates with, or employs as a broker an alien who does not have a residence card or work permit issued by the Ministry of the Interior and its Immigration Board.


The ” FOR SALE ” , ” FOR RENT ” , ” EX CHANGE ” signs put up on a property by a real estate broker who has a written exclusive authorization should be respected and no other similar signs should be displayed on the property by another broker .

Under circumstances may broker remove the sign of colleague.

The Broker shall ask the property owner to have the colleague remove his sign or to remove it himself .

It is unethical for a broker to offer his services to the owner of a property where a colleague has a sign, especially if he found out about it through that particular sign.

It is important to understand that a property that has several different brokers ‘ signs and sometimes also one of the owner himself is perceived by potential buyers as a problem property since it appears not to be sold nor rented despite the combined efforts of many.


The broker is required to report to the Chamber fraudulent or unethical practices of others – be they members of the Chamber or not – in order for the Chamber to take appropriate action before the competent authorities to protect the public.

The broker is required to act professionally, providing the client with the information on all procedures .

The broker must prepare , submit and fol low up on the bids approved by the client .

The broker must ensure fairness in the negotiation

The broker must guarantee to his client the regularity of every step undertaken and he must therefore strive to always have up to date information in a timely manner .

The broker must check the Land Registry information and require the notary to ensure that there are no defects to the property such as unpaid taxes or hidden debts and that there are no judicial or legal impediments to proceed with the purchase agreement.

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Ivan Madrigal #exitosoivan #ticomagnate a costarican, meaning that I live in Costa Rica. Graduated as an industrial engineer and later worked for my father businesses before having the great opportunity to have a small internship in England, at the company Vinten Broadcast that manufactures equipment for the broadcasting industry. After that I decided to learn another language and tried French. However the unstable labor market here forced me to try other career paths like sales and marketing, which I now self-study or implement. Also developed more experience in Customer Service at several Call centers like at IBM Business Transformation, working as Payroll manager for a company that downsized me, named Dana Corporation... later at Fujitsu, where its big account BellSouth, moved to other country.. and finally Hewlett Packard within their biggest account: Pfizer. Because I didn't want to miss my experience at UK dealing with broadcasting, I studied this career at INA which graduates high level technicians for Central America. Nevertheless, I am trying to make multinational companies recognize my degrees, and get in a position were I can be more productive and creative. But the truth, the best way to show my potential is by owning my business and create presence by networking with people. That´s why I am here, because I need to move on, leave my country for many years, and challenge my skills using new languages that I can learn gradually. There seems to be many obstacles for me to achieve this, but I will deal with this using time management and other tools. I wonder, when will be the time when I recover completly from my motorcycle accident and win the trial, before walking normally with a cane and finally dance... dance with the wolves. The wolves that are in MySpace and Facebook, for example, where I am profiled.