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Big land in Golfo Dulce for sale

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Featured Property:

It is part of a biological corridor for wildlife of the Osa Peninsula. Osa Peninsula lies in fourth place in the most beautiful and romantic world (National Geographic Magazine). The forest property is subject to the payment of environmental services by the goverment institution MINAET.

It is a beautiful area of outstanding wildlife as it is biological corridor .

Beautiful unspoilt estate ove

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This featured big property, is in an area of great tourist potential and bio diversity

Some important considerations are:

Located on Peninsula de Osa – Los Mogos, Southern Pacific Zone, Puntarenas
The property is located in the South Pacific area of Costa Rica, about 45 kilometers before the community of Puerto Jimenez, fronting the main road and facing the Golfo Dulce . The
people who head towards land via Puerto Jimenez, must pass off the farm.

A farm that is facing the Golfo Dulce and has a beach of 700 meters long, approximately. With access only through this property.

Its topography is downward, going from 150 meters elevation above sea level, at the height of the road down to the beach with a distance of about 800 meters, which gives it from anywhere on the property a stunning view around the Gulf and allows the construction of any kind of building-related to Ecotourism, from hotels to cabins.

According Owner and Property Registration
Costa Rica

It has several springs (at least 4) with a fairly large flow and is very pure water because they are born in places with rocky terrain, so they are not contaminated with dirt or mud.
The farm is located on the inside of the Golfo Dulce, in its farthest from the open sea part. That is why its waters are calm, no waves, which facilitates the construction of a marina, and no need to build costly breakwater.

Although the farm is located within the Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve, it is currently being approved a measure that will allow the exploitation of these woods by plans supervised by MINAET management, allowing growing and harvesting of trees that have reached maturity.

There are precious woods in the land, and most of the species are known as Nazareno, and there are about 180 mature trees.



Article 23.- Incentives

To repay that generate environmental benefits, natural forest owners
who manage, have the following incentives for these areas:

a) The exemption from tax on real estate, created by Law No. 7509, 9
as May 1995.

b) The exemption from taxes on assets, established by Law No. 7543, of
September 19, 1995.

c) The protection referred to in Article 36 of this law.

The State Forestry Administration issued the necessary to enjoy these benefits and entered in a register to interested parties upon completion of regulatory requirements documentation.

Frontage: 30.0 meters. On main road 30 meters paved access.
Approximate altitude: 150 meters

Primary forest about 100 hectares, tacotales about 50 hectares, green area about 15 hectares.

Private beach: about 700 meters.

Location: Ocean View, Beach front, Mountain view,
Usage: sale of oxygen, tourism, eco-tourism
Farms: Area Primary Forest (mountain), Pastures,
water: own nascent farm.
Electricity: Public network / grid available
Water: own nascent spring water, inside the property. But there are several sources forming two streams with permanent water passing inside the property and flow into the sea.
Street: pavement opposite the entrance of the estate.
Buses: Puerto Jimenez to San Jose, Puerto Jimenez to San Isidro del General and Puerto Jimenez to Ciudad Neilly.
legal: The farm is in a single plane.

Property Pluses and Benefits:

  • Land area 165 hectares
  • features 3 rustic houses
  • water and electricity
  • has an ocean view (Osa Peninsula)
  • Cadastral plan
  • Legally registered in the Public Registry
  • Flora and Fauna: abundant aquatic life in the Golfo Dulce, considered worldwide as
    a precious jewel of nature for its marine diversity of whales, tuna, marlin etc.
  • Through paths it can be exploited in ecotourism
  • ideal for diving, relaxation practices yoga and more.
  • The beach is totally private
  • Price of US 2,990,000 (two hundred million, nine hundred ninety thousand US dollars).
  • proposals are heard